Since the creation of the company, we have always striven for Development, Sustainability, Integrity, Proper Price, Firmness, Creativity and Mutual Achievement as guiding policies to run our business. Thanks to the support we receive, Hsiang-An Steel has been able to rapidly develop, expand our factories, acquire the newest machinery and technology, and strengthen our enterprise. These qualities have allowed us to achieve the best market prices, the fastest processing, the best quality, and the greatest satisfaction as stated in our motto. In this competitive environment where technology rapidly progresses, Hsiang-An continued to succeed in widening our types of steel-products, developing new skills, enlarging our market range, and satisfying the increasing domestic as well as overseas demands.

        We consistently take lead in the newest techniques and technologies to raise the quality of our products, and by doing this, we have been able to satisfy customer demands, establish trust with our clients, and create a business lead by our clients demands. Focusing on
Quality, Efficiency, Integrity, Steadfastness, and Swiftness, accomplishing our social responsibility of take from society, then give to society as guidelines to serve the people of the world.

        Lastly, we hope to work with the other elites of the industries to achieve our goal of
Professional production, sharing of resources, industrial cooperation, and mutual profit.




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